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Our Story

The Grandma's Kitchen started as a Food Truck concept made up by Chef's Ketherin and Chef's Eduardo. Working in restaurants for over 15 years and cooking for many years, having fun at home cooking and deciding who cooks better, and 12 years after they met, they decided it was time to go after the dream, and The Grandma's Kitchen was born.

Our Menus

Our food is meant to be the comfort food you love to eat while being with Family and Friends. We source everything local, because we love our local community and the support they provide. Chef's Eduardo grew up in a farm with his grandmother, cultivating vegetables and everything that we eat in our tables for him is not just about cooking food, is a connection that that he will have for the rest of his life with his grandmother and his background.

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Our Partners

On special events and family reunions, we like to host our very own tailgate and bring in some local food trucks, all inspired by our fond memories of tailgating as kids.